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Pressed Wine Club 06/26/17, Port Alberni, BC

Pressed Wine Club 06/26/17, Port Alberni, BC


 to some; [rah-SHELL]  to others; [RAY-chull] 

to all,Rach; [RAY-chuh]

Before i begin, i must admit, i have never, and when i say never, i mean NEVER -as in ever even contemplated blogging before. Yet, alas, here we are; me, sitting in my adorable, freshly painted, heritage apartment, overlooking what is sure to be the first of many rainy Port Alberni days. Here i sit with a glass of Yalumba Organic Shiraz, barely stifling the overwhelming anxiety attempting to erupt from within me. Here i sit thinking "OH MY GOD YOU CAZY WOMAN WHAT WERE YOU THINKING WHEN YOU QUIT YOUR DAY JOB TO LAUNCH A BUSINESS FROM ABSOLUTELY NOTHING". And here i sit thinking "keep it together girl, you're a rockstar. You're one in a million, this is how you go places. You try. And if you fall, you get back up again. Pull up your #girlboss pants and get a grip".

I fully intended on writing a professional, yet somewhat witty-mostly adorable really, autobiography on my journey thus-far. The jobs I've had, the studying I've done, the weddings I've coordinated, planned and executed; basically a resume, but with personality. Yet here I sit (in my adorable, freshly painted, heritage apartment) spewing my insecurities to the entirety of the inter webs. Fortunately, my mentors tell me not to fret; the majority of my readers don't mind that i am a completely inexperienced and anxious bloggers. their main concerns are that I can plan a mean wedding, or, that i can tell them the difference between a Pinot Noir from Burgundy and a Pinot Noir from Oregon (pro-tip; if your man is buying, walk right passed Oregon and make eye contact with the top shelf Burgundy). My mentors also don't know that I fully intend on posting this blog. They're so cute.

Now, enough rambling. Back to me, [rah-SHELL], [RAY-chull], or [RAY-chuh]; food eater, wine drinker, event goer.

T & d wedding.jpg

 Let's cut right to the chase. I am a total hospitality nerd. Literally, i get excited over butter knives...I'm not even 90.... I'm a mere 26 years old....And I get excited about butter knives. 

I've been a hospitality nerd for as long as I can remember;  it's quite sad really. But hey, to each their own. I notice every detail. It drives me, and my staff mental, but I've promised before and i will promise again, I will never, and when i say never, i mean NEVER, as in ever even contemplate apologizing for my standards. My standards and expectations are what got me to where I am today (this is the point in my blog where i go from super adorable, to kind of scary). I get results. plain and simple. My top priority is making sure that my client is blown away. I have zero intentions of meeting my clients expectations, My mission is to go above and beyond for each and every client. And THAT, is what sets Pressed Event Services apart from any other weddings planner, event coordinator, or wine specialist. 


But this blog isn't about Pressed Event Services. This blog is about me, [rah-SHELL], [RAY-chull], or, [RAY-chuh], and my food, wine and event journey through Vancouver Island; specifically West Coast Vancouver Island; Port Alberni, Tofino, Ucluelet and Bamfield. 

So, without further ado, a toast! to my first blog post- I am also thinking about a career in couplet writing ;)





Yalumba Organic Shiraz; Savoury; bay leaves, peppercorn, with jammy blackberries and oregano. Pairing suggestions; braised lamb, Beef or elk stew

Yalumba Organic Shiraz; Savoury; bay leaves, peppercorn, with jammy blackberries and oregano. Pairing suggestions; braised lamb, Beef or elk stew

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